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The company initially dealt mainly with the sale of network devices, video conferencing equipment and VoIP telephony. By implementing increasingly larger and increasingly demanding Tritech projects quickly, it has transformed from a small company into a large integrator of network solutions targeted at business.

Currently, we not only sell devices, but also create comprehensive solutions that can meet the growing requirements of corporate and institutional clients.






We have been successfully integrating Communications Server with elements of the network infrastructure for several years. We develop individual proposals based on video communication, which is successful in companies, regardless of the type of business they run.

At the same time, the company specializes in network solutions for the entire cross-section of the corporate market, from telecommunications operators to large international corporations to public institutions.





Our projects are based, among others, on CISCO, Extreme and Allied Telesis infrastructure. We supplement the implemented network solutions with issues related to data security and backup, and we successfully provide FTTH access network solutions based on the Zhone G-PON technology for the telecommunications industry .

Równolegle firma specjalizuje się w rozwiązaniach sieciowych dla całego przekroju rynku korporacyjnego począwszy od operatorów telekomunikacyjnych poprzez duże korporacje międzynarodowe a skończywszy na instytucjach publicznych.

Nasze projekty opieramy między innymi o infrastrukturę CISCO, Brocade, Allied Telesis. Realizowany rozwiązania sieciowe uzupełniamy o zagadnienia dotyczące bezpieczeństwa i backupu danych, a dla branży telekomunikacyjnej z powodzeniem dostarczamy rozwiązania sieci dostępowych FTTH w oparciu o technologię Zhone G-PON.

We are constantly supplementing our product portfolio, and recently, as one of the few on the Polish market, we are partner of Zoom. Each of our projects is implemented with the professional technical support of qualified engineers who are able to solve any problem.



Our excellent technical facilities are one of the pillars of the company's operation. Traders are also a strong point, for which priority is a high level of customer service, as well as an individual approach to their needs and specifics.


Logistics, which is conducted professionally and with great commitment, is of great importance for the smooth operation of Tritech.




The high quality of our services and mode of operation on the market has been noticed by equipment manufacturers, among others by CISCO Premier Certified Partner. Allied Telesis has awarded us four times with the title of Business Partner of the year.

Our location:

Tritech New Technologies sp.z o.o  

Warszawa, ul. Anny German 15

Email. info@tritech.pl

Tel. +48 22 5768360

Zoom, Cisco , Polycom

+48 22 5768360      info@tritech.pl

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